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Choose a  Janitorial Company that is Experienced
The decision to outsource your cleaning is an important one. The competency of the company you choose will affect the outcome – and your level of satisfaction. With experience in serving diverse client industries and multiple facility types, JanMaster stands ready to deliver cleaning solutions to meet your requirements.

Choose a Janitorial Company that Understands your Industry
JanMaster prides it self on serving and supporting multiple industries, with experienced professional custodians who understand our clients’ distinct requirements. We understand the cleaning services needs of a health care client, for example, can be very different from the demands of a client in the industrial and manufacturing sector. We offer custom cleaning solutions that reflect the unique nature of your business.

Choose a Janitorial Company that is the Best in the Business
JanMaster is continuing to invest in our business and expanding our capabilities to meet the scale of our clients’ needs, while ensuring a uniform standard of service excellence. When you want the best results, you should select the best service provider. 

Choose a Janitorial Company that Guarantees it Services 
We are not satisfied with our services unless you are. To guarantee the utmost level of services, we utilize quality control programs which include on-site inspections and customer satisfaction surveys. We persistently audit our work and should any field fail to meet your exceptions, it will be amended immediately.

Choose a Janitorial Company that Provides Green Cleaning
Cleaning should be an environmental enhancement, not a source of unintended pollution.  By definition, cleaning is the removal of unwanted matter, contaminants, or pollutants from the environment, or the prevention of soiling; thus cleaning should be about removing pollution, not adding to it.  At JanMaster our Green Cleaning approach is based on processes, and methods, to enable the effective removal of contaminants without adding unwanted substances to the environment. This is how we ensure that the customer receives a safe, professional, and consistent level of quality in the services. 

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